~MaskCatDoll Ceci~



MaskCatDoll is celebrating their 3rd year anniversary. BJDcollectasy first interviewed sculptor Banyo in 2012 when the company was just starting out. A previous review of the company’s 1/3 dolls can be seen HERE.


Structurally, there is not much to say about Special size line Ceci from MaskCatDoll. The 21cm tall little girl is simply jointed with single joints for the knees and elbows and a one-piece torso. Despite limitations in posing, the doll is still worthy of attention due to her lovely sculpting.

My Ceci arrived in a box specially designed for the doll line with an illustration attached to the lid.


ceci box

Ceci was sandwiched between two cushions.  Included with the little BJD were a wig, glass eyes and a pair of boots.


ceci inside box

The body and face were lovingly sculpted. My Ceci is cast in white resin. She stood easily out of the box even with one knee bent.


ceci front back

In many ways, Ceci most reminded me of the To You line  from Limhwa. I placed her next to my To You Sara so the similarities could be seen. Both are single-jointed and have hands with most of the fingers attached to each other. Their shoulders are very similar in width.  Although very different in build, height, and age they portray, they are both less common BJD sizes, and they are great for someone who likes smaller dolls.


limhwa leda ceci

Despite her diminutive size, Ceci’s face has many of the things I love about MaskCat’s big 1/3 girl sculpts: expressiveness, fine details and realistic contouring.  Painting her was a joy. The titian red of the wig that came with her inspired a freckly face-up.  I tried a variety of wigs on her, and she fit best in a 5-6 size.


ceci pony tails face-up
2015-08-14 02.58.12
ceci curls

Ceci’s single jointed arms are limited to touching her forehead or opposite eye, putting her arms behind her back, placing her hands on her hips or clasping hands but not much else.  Her legs bend simply at the knee, so she can sit normally but cannot do anything gymnastic like splits.


2015-08-14 02.59.43

ceci curly hair

Still, despite her posing limitations, Ceci and her sisters Aruna, Belina and brand new Ester are sweet dolls. They can fit in most Blythe clothes and also many Lati Yellow, and Azone XS and S size clothes. Their small but not teensie size makes these Maskcat girls fairly easy to sew for too. For those that like a pocketbook-size BJDs to carry around, they are simply perfect!


ceci titan red wig

ceci ponytails