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The dolls of MaskCatDoll are created by Chinese artist Banyo. After a stint working at another company, she decided to go out on her own.  Currently she has released girls in two sizes, 21cm tall and 58cm tall. 


Q: How did you become interested in BJDs?

A: I loved dolls since I was a little girl. I remember the first time I got a Barbie for my 10th birthday. I was in love with her. I played with her all day long; sewing clothes, combing her hair, things like that. That’s the meaning for me, to develop a real interest in my dolls.

In high school, I saw BJDs in a magazine for the first time. I was shocked by their details and all those pretty photos. I knew I found the hobby for me, and something I really want to work towards. That’s why I wanted to study sculpture in college. So I think BJDs found me, and I found BJDs.

Q: When did you first sculpt a BJD?

The artist with her dolls

A: In 2008, my second year in College, I saw someone had posted his self made BJD in a forum. It looked good, so after that I started to sculpt a BJD myself. My first BJD was a 60cm tall 1/3 size girl.

Q: Can you tell me a little about your company MaskCatDoll?

A: I think MaskcatDoll is my gift to me. I was a sculptor for a Chinese doll brand, and I had a very bad time last year because I couldn’t make the dolls I wanted. Then I began to meet people in the BJD hobby all over the world through the internet. I’m so lucky, I met some nice people in that time. Like Michi and Clipsy (PrettyinPlastic), Wendy (WennieBJD), Marina… I think I’m lucky, because I could meet them like this, even though I didn’t even know how to write in English eight months ago. They help me a lot, and I love them. Maybe this is also why I said MaskcatDoll is a gift to me. And now I’m a happy girl because I can make my own dolls and I want to share this love with everyone!

Q: Why is the company called MaskCatDoll?

A: I love cats; I have two. And I’m a shy person in real life., so it’s a shy cat hiding with a mask, that’s the basic idea of MaskcatDoll.

Q: Do you do all the face-ups for your dolls?

A: Yes i did, you can see  face-up options in our dolls page. All face-up are from me if someone orders one.

Q: Did you ever offer the very first doll you made in college for sale?

A: Nope, I’ll never sell a doll if I didn’t 100% approve of it. But my third doll, I did release, but because I didn’t have any advertisements for her, only few people bought my doll. After that, I came to a doll company to be a full-time sculptor.

Q: Will you be releasing clothing for your dolls?

A: Yes, we released a new brand of MaskCatDoll Mmi outfits, all pretty dresses from my friend Maymi. She made some cute outfits for Blythe, and because the (21cm) special size doll can share items with Blythe, I asked her to work with us on this.

Q: Do you have your dolls cast at a resin casting company?

A: Yes. I have a partner who has taken care of the resin casting part ever since I made my first doll. We trust each other, and I think he did well, The quality is very important to me. I’m so lucky he can understand it and help me.

Q: Is there anything in particular that inspires your work?

xilv (19)A: Ah, I’m a roulette! All things in my life can be an inspiration; a picture, a song, a movie, maybe a even moment when I am cooking. When I want to make a new doll, I’ll start thinking until I find an idea, but on all those things I still put my own stamp. If people really know about dolls, they still can see “that’s from Banyo”I think.

Q: Can your dolls fit in manufactured doll clothing for SD13 and 1/6 size dolls?

A: Yes, clothing is everything. The 1/3 size body of MaskCatDoll almost has the same measurements as Volks SD13 so the clothes will fit. Our special size girls can share stuff with Blythe, Pullip, Azone and some things with Lati. I will always think about easy shopping for my dolls, and I think I will not release any Yo-SD dolls in the future.

Q6. When will Ceci be released? Is Ceci a boy or girl?

A: Ah, Ceci’s a girl. I won’t make boys (Maybe I’ll ask someone to work with MaskCat for boy sculpts). She will be released before May.

Q: Are you working on any other dolls besides Ceci?

Nerine, the third girl in MaskcatDoll 1/3 size.She’s a happy girl like Ceci.

Q: What plans do you have for the future for your company?

A: Ummm…besides the two girls on the way, Nerine and Ceci, I’m working on a new girl body,but I think it’s a very very long journey, because that is a new experiment for me. I hope I can surprise everyone when I finish it.

I’ll keep finding and bringing good, talented people into MaskcatDoll, like Maymi and her outfits. I will also make more new heads in 1/3 size and my special size before I finish the new body.

And after that? I’ll start to make new girls in MSD line.

Photos above from top: The artist and some of her dolls, Ruolan (standing) with Xilv.



21cm Special size girls:


arunapage (9)

arunapage (2)


belinapage (19)

belinapage (4)


58cm girls:

Xilv & Ruolan

Xilv & Ruolan

fpage_0 xilv (10)~~~~~

Special line bodies in pinkm white and normal skin

Special line bodies in pink, white and normal skin

Screen shot 2014-04-05 at 4.25.55 PM

1/3 girls with a special girl

Screen shot 2014-04-05 at 4.25.42 PM

Xilv with extra fist hands


Mmi Fashions for Special size girls:

mmi0d (5)

mmi0b (7)

mmi0f (3)


Ceci & Nerine:

Ceci head prototype

Ceci head prototype




The artist’s cats:

pangpang mie