~Just Shining~

“…to me, BJD’s are personal and can be whatever the owner wants them to be…”


“I never learned about sculpting before, but I thought I could sculpt because I draw…”


Chinese Company Ringdoll begins its second year…


“We want to be the doll fashion company to make the customer’s unique items and to understand their wishes.”

~Peapod Doll~

From “Dream Land” to “Under the Sea”…


“Written on the star….”

~BJD Body Blushing~

Video tutorial on how to enhance your doll’s sculpt (unavoidable doll nudity)…

I started my own style of punk clothing, and I thought there should be some casual wear to mix with it…

~dollb & dollk~

A love of tiny dolls leads to a forum, then a doll fashion shop, then…

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