“Even though the resin doll was strung with elastic cord, it could pose and hold poses as well, or even better, than the spring mechanism that I used for my porcelain dolls…”


“I have an image in my head, and I really want to have this doll in my hands as well…”

“My collaboration with Jpopdolls has been very successful in these five years, and 2017 will be probably one of the most productive years ever…”

~Little Rebel~

“the BJD hobby was perfect for me because it allowed me to do all the things that I like together…”

~Comi Baby Doll~

“Comi Baby is a group of designers in Switzerland, Germany and China…”

“I decided it was time to finally properly learn how to sew for dolls, so I bought a new sewing machine…I found out I loved it! …”

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