Update on the multi-talented Cristy Stone including her new doll Gracelyn and her Steampunk fashions at Dollheart...

~Ruby Red BJD~

RRG designs are created, not by any one single individual, but by a team of enthusiastic young female artists who share a common addiction to Asian style dolls..."


"My newest BJD is probably closest to my roots of sculpting..."


"...above all I love the idea of going from drawing to sculpting and using them both."

~Action Doll Cora~

The gears and stringing in the body together maximize mobility...

~Hujoo Doll~

Part 1; Emory Sung of Junkyspot writes about one of his favorite doll companies...

~Mint on Card~

"We took the gamble and went exclusively with a BJD business, and it appears that we made the right choice..."

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