"I like the size ... it's so easy to handle and carry around ... and they don't take up much space..."

~Pidgin Doll~

"I draw mostly from my imagination. Making something 3D, like a doll, felt like the next logical step..."

"My creativity abounds, my sculpts just happen, maybe because my soul is more at peace here, maybe just because life here is more laid back, calm and much simpler."

"Even though the resin doll was strung with elastic cord, it could pose and hold poses as well, or even better, than the spring mechanism that I used for my porcelain dolls..."


"I have an image in my head, and I really want to have this doll in my hands as well..."

"My collaboration with Jpopdolls has been very successful in these five years, and 2017 will be probably one of the most productive years ever..."

~Little Rebel~

"the BJD hobby was perfect for me because it allowed me to do all the things that I like together..."

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