"Every project is memorable to me, because it helps me to build my skills and connect with others..."

"it’s hard to find furniture in the styles I want and of a proper scale...So I decided to make them by myself..."

~Amadiz Dolls~

"We want to continue to create beauty,  and jointly with our customers - through our dolls and accessories -  we want to make the doll hobby world more beautiful together..."

~EngelMech Designs~

"Face-ups for ball-jointed dolls, repaints for play line or collector grade fashion dolls, tattoos, body detailing, small mods, mani/pedis..."

~Argo Dolls~

"Generally I like and sculpt 1/3 format, as it is more detailed..."

"Ms. Peterson played with the doll, and exclaimed, "she can do all the Elvira poses!"...

~Badger’s Bakery~

"Standard scales range from 1/12 to 1/3 but I can make most of the items smaller or larger if needed..."

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