"I like variety very much, that’s why I do a lot of stuff and take my hand into many different fields..."


" There are hundreds of different characters and stories living in my inner world..."

~Youpla Dolls~

"I really wanted to try to make a whole doll. I love 3D modeling; I can spend the day without seeing it pass..."

"Every project is memorable to me, because it helps me to build my skills and connect with others..."

"it’s hard to find furniture in the styles I want and of a proper scale...So I decided to make them by myself..."

~Amadiz Dolls~

"We want to continue to create beauty,  and jointly with our customers - through our dolls and accessories -  we want to make the doll hobby world more beautiful together..."

~EngelMech Designs~

"Face-ups for ball-jointed dolls, repaints for play line or collector grade fashion dolls, tattoos, body detailing, small mods, mani/pedis..."

~Argo Dolls~

"Generally I like and sculpt 1/3 format, as it is more detailed..."

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