~LeGrand Doll~

“If I’m not with my family, I’m with my dolls. ..”

~My Mialypso~

How could I resist a catfish doll…?

~Nidum Dolls~

“Then I found that the doll is a more natural way to express my views about the human body. The doll to me is almost a human, and the BJD is more so than other dolls…”

“To create a doll from the concept to the official launch, we will develop dozens character designs, 5 or 6 clothing variations and various prototype modifications, as well as 2 or 3 makeup designs….”

“To create – share – and progress, this is what Ringdoll has always been about…”

“I like variety very much, that’s why I do a lot of stuff and take my hand into many different fields…”


” There are hundreds of different characters and stories living in my inner world…”

~Youpla Dolls~

“I really wanted to try to make a whole doll. I love 3D modeling; I can spend the day without seeing it pass…”

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