April Story Gift Doll Event

April Story is offering a free gift doll with purchase of a 1+1 Special box. The box consists of a choice of two 1/3 doll heads and two bodies at an already discounted price. For a very limited time, a free gift 1/6 Baby or 1/4 Kid line doll will be included with purchase. Customers will be allowed to select their event doll. All dolls come in a choice of normal or white skin resin. The Kid line dolls are available as event dolls only.

From the company:

This is a notice for a special sales event of April Story in February

EVENT 1! *** 1 + 1 SPECIAL BOX ***

With composition of (One piece of April Story doll) + (One piece of April Story doll),
you can purchase two pieces at a much lower price than normal selling price.
Please do not miss this special deal at exceptional prices.

Event Products: All the products displayed on the main page (except AS Baby type)

EVENT 2!! *** If you buy 1 + 1 SPECIAL BOX, you will receive [Baby] or [Kid] as a gift.***

If you buy 1 + 1 SPECIAL BOX during the event, you will get 1 free Baby type or KID type doll.
Because it is an extraordinary event, if the prepared Baby type or KID type dolls run out,
the event will be terminated early.
The prepared event Baby type or KID type dolls are 20 pieces. Please order as soon as possible.

KID type gift events are very very special events.
There will be no event for free KID type in the future.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Please use it!

EVENT 3!! *** 40% DISCOUNT EVENT ***

All the April Story products are 40% off!
During the event, you will get 40% off on all the April Story products on the main page.

Event period: until February 28, 2018

KID gift dolls:




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