Dyle Head

FreedomTeller has introduced a new 1/3 boy’s head named Dyle. He comes in normal skin resin with a limited edition face-up. The head is compatible with various 65-70cm bodies.

From the company:

UPDATE DD girl clothes updated. on FreedomTeller.com
(MSD, DD, SDGR, SD13, SD16, SD17, 70cm, & SID, EID Homme)
@http://www.freedomteller.com / Twitter (@FreedomTeller) / Instagram (@@freedomteller_bjd)

10th Anniversary Event 1: Head [DYLE]: Limited Face-up

The first event commemorating the 10th anniversary, we have a limited face up of head ‘DYLE’.
This limited make-up was finished intellectual and doesn’t lose sophisticated.

This head is limited to a total of 4, and the face-up is ready to be completed already,
It will be released at the same time in domestic and overseas and will be closed in order.

Order Period is
February 14 (Valentine’s Day) from 21:00pm till sold out.
* Release time is based on Korean time! (UTC+09:00) *

Shipping period is
Shipping within 7 days after order.

* It is order-made item and can not be canceled or refunded if you change your mind.
Please care about this point before making order.
*Makeup A/S is not possible partial repair. Only whole head re-makeup could possible.
Please remove the makeup in clearly by yourself and A/S fee is the same price with order.

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