Sweet Elena Release

Little Monica has announced the release of new special doll Sweet Elena. The 1/4 BJD comes in normal or white resin with a choice of girl, boy or ‘hot’ body. Options include a face-up, hand or full body blushing and, for a girl, heel feet or heel lower legs. The Sweet Elena head may also be purchased separately. The head is sold in normal or white resin with optional face-up.

The company offering a discount for Sweet Elena.

From the company:

Today ‘Elena’ which has been loved so much as Basic Little Harmony is
now released as Sweet version.

This product is only sold from 16:00PM 09 Fabuary, 2018 to 16:00PM 09 March, 2018.

Photographing of Special Parts Sweet Elena has been done with compatible Little Girl Body.

“Sweet Elena” is sold as special part. Therefore its head is also sold as part. To celebrate this release, we are proceeding 10% discount event to purchase the body. Please enjoy this event with your interest.

We also invite and welcome to the Little Monica’s anniversary event.

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