illusion gardeN Bane

Korean company  illusion GardeN is selling the Bane and Evening Bane heads. They are sold with the dog ear attachments shown. Bane is the “first flower” of a series. The head has an aconitum flower sculpted on it.

From the company:

Evening.BANE Head sculpture > illusion_GardeN 일루젼가든 : 네이버 블로그

Evening.BANE Skin color > illusion_GardeN 일루젼가든 : 네이버 블로그

BANE Head sculpture > illusion_GardeN 일루젼가든 : 네이버 블로그

Ordering period : 02. 09. (20:00) ~ 02. 12. (24:00) Standard Korean time
Payment period : 02. 09. (20:00) ~ 02. 12. (24:00) Standard Korean time

Evening.BANE & BANE Head Info
Type : Evening.BANE & BANE
Skin Color : Normal (Skin color is similar to Volks Normal color.)
lace white skin (Slightly pink white skin)
Head circumference : 8.5 inch
Wig size: 8~9inch
Eye size: 14mm
Compatible size: SD17 -volks 17세, switch HD : Boy Body, Soomdoll SGM(2012,2016)Body, April Story 17 boy body, Lust senior 65, Infiniti SID 65

(The body in the picture is HD65 Boy body.)
-RSdoll RG LINE Ver.Racius body :Not compatible.
* Face-up is not included. Unable to order.
* Face-up artist -Aganos https://aganos.blog.me/
Evening.BANE or BANE + Default box + Certificate of authenticity


Evening Bane

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