Freedomteller 10th Anniversary

FreedomTeller will celebrate their 1oth anniversary this year. They are offering to re-release a previous limited edition outfit this spring to be chosen by vote.

From the company:

[Preference Survey] 10th Anniversary Event : Encore Limited Set!


Freedometeller gets 10th anniversary this year.

During 10 years, we have received many requests about the resale of previously limited clothes.
We would like to release the clothes for 10th anniversary event.

Voting will select one of the most popular limited clothes to be released in the first half year,
In the second half of the year, Freedom Teller will select and release a set of limited clothes.

Voting runs from February 1 to February 25
Please vote to “Preference Survey” of website.

The selected clothes will be released on March 1.

* There may be slight details change depending on the materials.
* if it will change some, we will be re-updated.

Lists of limited clothes are as follows.

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