Mûshika Mouse Release

Mûshika has arrived at Nympheas Dolls. Her pre-order is open for only 1 week. The 26cm tall doll is available in a choice of cream or pale green skin resin. Mûshika will come with magnetic mouse ears and a pair of eyes. Options include a factory face-up or a special face-up by artist Tsubasa (only 5 orders accepted).

From Nympheas:

The gods and goddesses of India all have an animal vehicle, their vahana. Mushika is the name of the rat mounts of Ganesh, a clever little being who helps the most powerful elephant.

Mûshika is a doll of 26 cm, The resin is very dense and heavy it is soft and very easy to make up. The joints are double at the elbows and knees for a better range of motion, she has a very good stability and can balance on one leg, the face removes easily to change the orientation of his eyes or modify them. She could wear Yo-sd clothes

Tsubasa Face-up:

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