M de H. Winter Fashions

International orders are being taken at M de H. for various SD17 size boy’s clothing.

From the company:

Hello! I’m M de H. (Maison de H)
I’ve updated my new clothes. I’m taking orders for clothes from now on.

** Orders are only available when the notice is uploaded.
Once the clothing is out of stock, complete the closing notice. **

:: Order open. ::
time : 01.27. 00:00 ~ (for Korea)

Sell it on the ‘ Overseas Order ‘ board of my blog.
order guide : M de H : 마종드화용 : 네이버 블로그

:: available for this order ::

Midnight (coat) / Black, Gray, Sky, Wave (knit) / Black, White, Mix, – Plex Shoes SD17, Half / sleeveless T-shirt.

Please refer to the ‘overseas order’ boards on blog.
There is an overseas order guide. (M de H : 마종드화용 : 네이버 블로그)
Read the overseas order guide and send me mail. (fill out the form)
but, sales are impossible if all clothing is sold out.

After confirming the mail, I will definitely reply.
If my reply is late, please wait a little more.

Welcome to your question.

E mail : mdeh8_8@naver.com
Twitter : @m_de_h
Instagram : m_de_h

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