2D New Dolls

Five new dolls have been released by 2D Doll. In addition, the company has launched a New Year’s Event. Three new anime style boys are available including 68cm tall Lan and 42cm tall Helios and Mangosteen. Two new girls have also been released, 41cm tall GuoGuo and 28cm tall Que Que. All of the dolls are sold as blank basic BJDs with optional face-ups.

2D dolls may be purchased internationally through their authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections and Dolk (Dolk Station).

From the company:

2D Doll Chinese New Year Event (2018.01.25 – 2018.03.25):
* 15% off for 58cm – 70cm dolls.
* 20% off for other size dolls.






Que Que

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