~Mini Peridot~ a Review

Miniature version of 1/4 Baby Peridot by Comi Baby Doll.


Last spring, Comi Baby Doll launched a new line of 22cm dolls. The first was Mini Peridot, a reduced size version of the 1/4 Peridot head. I received my doll recently from Comi.  The doll came in a cardboard box that was covered with a plastic shipping bag. The doll’s storage box is a crush-resistant plastic zipper case.

My Mini Peridot was enclosed like a sandwich wrap in a long white cotton padded covering. There was a long blond wig inside next to the doll.

This Mini Peridot is cast in white skin resin with a factory face-up,  and and her pair of dark brown glass eyes were already installed. Normal skin is also available. I really love how the dark eyes go with the dark details on the face-up.

The wig is a long 5/6 size.

I have  a decent collection of wigs in that size, including a few Kana styles from Jpop Dolls, so I tried out some more colors.

Mini Peridot is wearing a Jpop Kanawild wig below. I like the way the raspberry color brings out the blush of her cheeks.

The doll has separate balls at the knee and elbow joints, but they are not double joints which does limit her posing.

The swarico upper thigh joints work well and hold the doll steady when the elastic cord hooks into them.

The torso joint arches backwards and holds its place.  There is almost no forward movement in the joint. It does twist easily to the right and left.

I am working on a little felt outfit for Mini Peridot.  So far I have a shift dress and hat made, and I plan to make her a cape to match and find some shoes or boots in 2.2cm size.

With her big eyes and sweet smile, Mini Peridot make a cute purse-size companion. She can pull off both contemporary clothing and fantasy looks.  While not a gymnast, she can still strike many poses.

Two other heads have also been created for the Mini line, Cici and new Kimel with a “chu” (kiss) mouth.



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