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Volks USA has just released news about what new to expect at the store for the upcoming year.  The online site is available to customers in Mexico, Canada and the USA.

From the store:

Happy New Years Everyone!
We have some exciting news for 2018!

Starting February 2018, VOLKS USA will now be participating in future Dolls Party Limited After Events!!!

VOLKS USA will now be taking part in the Dolls Party After Events – that means more Limited Edition Dollfie® will be visiting North America!
From the original fans who visited the original Tenshi-no-Sumika in Los Angeles to the newcomers within the recent years; we cannot thank you enough! Thank you for sticking with us throughout all these years!

For the year 2018, we hope to continue to bring new services to VOLKS USA’s customers in North America.

It’s amazing to see how much the Dollfie® community has grown! We wish everyone a wonderful, prosperous, and Dollfie® filled 2018!


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