The Frog and The Princess

Limited edition Creaa J Clive – The Frog and YID Lucia – The Princess are new BJDs at IpleHouse. They will be available until February 18th. Both dolls may be ordered in any of the 8 standard Iplehouse resin colors.

Clive is 50.5cm tall. He comes with a Creaa male body, with or without mobility thigh joints. Human hands are included with the dol,l and frog hands and feet (blank or blushed) may be added. Other options include a face-up (choice of 2 styles), outfit, and a switch to the Lev head.

Lucia is 58.7cm tall. She comes with a YID female body with an optional mobility thigh joint and choice of breast size (small, medium, large, glamorous). Options include a face-up and outfit.


Face-up A

Face-up B

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