Rosen Lied News

Rosen Lied has posted a schedule for January and February.  The highlight for January is a limited edition dress release.  In February, a Valentine gift box event is scheduled, and four new limited edition full-set dolls will be released.

Some basic items were released today.

From the company:

Here is our schedule for January and February.


– January 12th
Update of basic items.

– January 19th
Update of basic items.

– January 26th
Update of new limited dress.
– GiGiker
– Rollingpumpkin


– February 9th
[Valentine’s day gift box event]
Sales period: February 9th ~ 20th

* Some of gift boxes will have heads in random.
* Only few gift boxes will have doll’s head.
* Valentine’s day gift box will have special outfit in random.
* Head and special outfit is random and not all boxes will include them.
* Gift boxes will have random items from Rosen Lied.
* Gift boxes will be all packed and will be shipped out in random,
so Rosenlied’s staff can’t know which item is shipped out for each customer.

* Exchange and refund is not allowed.

* 3 types of gift box will be available. Monday’s Child, Tuesday’s Child size, Holiday’s chid size.
* Price: 50$ per box (with value of 80$ items)
* You can order Maximum 2 boxes, regardless the size.
* No mileage points will be given for this gift box.
* The order will be automatically canceled if the payment is not cleared until February 25th.
* This items are limited in numbers and can be sold out before 20th.
* Gift boxes will need around 2 weeks for preparation.


* Monday’s Child 2 = Yes
* Holiday’s Child 2 box = Yes
* Tuesday’s Child 1 box + Holiday’s Child 1 box = Yes
* Tuesday’s Child 2 boxes + Holiday’s Child 1 box = No

– February 15th ~ 18th

Rosenlied will not be working on February 15th ~ 18th.
There is no problem with shopping on our site but help desk and shipping will not be available.
All service will be available on regular basis from the next day (February 19th).

– February 23rd

[New limited dolls]

Monday’s Child Limited Pudding (White skin)
Limited to 10
Make up by Rollingpumpkin
Outfit by GiGiker

Tuesday’s Child Limited New type (White skin)
Limited to 10
Make up by Rollingpumpkin
Outfit design by Rollingpumpkin

Holiday’s Child Boutique Limited PoPo (White skin)
Limited to 10
Make up by LiNi
Outfit by Hiya Cadenza

Holiday’s Child Boutique Limited PoPo (White skin)
Limited to 10
Make up by Kana
Outfit by Chouette

We wish everyone the best for year 2018.

Linen striped white dress for Tuesday’s Child