Nene Doll Bely

A very small 8cm tall young lady BJD is being offered by Runy of Nene Doll. Bely is small enough to be held in the hands of a 1/3 BJD. The doll may be purchased at Nene Doll Etsy. The artist also may be found on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Nenedolls/)

From the artist:

Pre Order for Bely is Open today in Etsy store 
limited to 30 and free shipping worldwide, please share your love 

Dolls will be casted by myself, a lot of colors are available, soon will update with more pictures. Thank you for your support!

She comes with two interchangeable faceplates “Neutral” and “Dreaming”, two pairs of eyes, random viscose wig and basic dress.
Bely character is a fairy, she have elf ears and a neodymium magnet inside her back to attach wings or anything a magnet can attract.