Natural Posing Body

Angel Egg Dolls – Resin Menagerie is taking orders for a new natural posing body. The body with head is 39cm tall.  Slightly larger versions of the Lily and Orchid head are available for the body, but the smaller head will also fit. Orders will only be taken from members of the mailing list.  Painting will not be available with this pre-order.

From the company:

January 2018 pre-order New Natural Posing body
I`ve just sent out the pre-order mail for The new Natural-Posing body for Menagerie dolls!

Order and pricing information is only available via the mailing list at this time (the orders will be open until January 14th).

If you have not received this mail but have subscribed to our mailing list, please check your junk mail as it can often fall in there.

If still, you have not received it, or If you have not yet subscribed but would still like to receive it please send a mail to shop@doll-menagerie.com