Forever Virginia News

Virginia Obeius of Forever Virginia has posted a schedule of releases from February to April.

From the artist:

Coming Soon!
Now that I can see over the Noel boxes going out the door….
Here’s what’s next!

February 1st…
SWEET PEA! This tiny cutie will be going up for sale February 1st! It’s right around the corner so I’ve got some painting and dressing to do. Look for more info and photos very soon!

NEW FASHIONS! I’ll be making new sets to fit Noel, Tum and the upcoming Marigold child size.

April 1st…
TAN TUMS! The last offering of Tum will be very limited and include Sunkissed and some yummy Coffee colored Tummies.

And for those looking forward to MARIGOLD… her sale is going to be a little different and will come after the tan Tums. But more info on that later. 😉

All sales announcements are posted to my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1754225751484884/