Verla and Mary

GEM of Doll is introducing two new 1/4 girls named Verla and Mary. They are 44cm tall. Both are available in a choice of normal pink, normal yellow, white, tan, grey or green skin resin. Both Mary and Verla are sold as blank basic dolls with eyes and an optional face-up or as a full-set with face-up wig, eyes and outfit. Body blushing may be added.

From the company:

Hello everyone,
Happy new year!!!Today we released two 1/4 dolls ——Verla and Mary.And i think you will love them 

New dolls event
Date : Jan 8th to Jan 20th
1. new dolls will be cut 20% off (nude doll,with face up or fullset)
2. If you order both dolls,you can get a 1/8 nude doll.
3. Fullset doll will be got free body blush. 
(Dealars can not to enjoy event 2)