The White Witch

Feeple 65 The White Witch is available as both a basic doll and a full package at Fairyland. She is available in natural, white or tan resin.

The White Witch full package, which is limited to 100 sets, will include a doll with both flat and heel feet, large normal breasts, a face-up, random color eyes, wig, outfit, shoes and unpainted crown. Options include an extra sleeping face and an upgrade to the eyes shown in the photos.

The basic White Witch is sold with a choice of large normal breasts or corset breasts.  She will include a random color pair of eyes.  Options include a face-up, a sleeping face, and a face-up for the sleeping face.

Fairyland is currently holding a Winter Event.  Details may be found HERE on BJDcollectasy. Fairyland dolls may also be purchased from their authorized retailers including Denver Doll Emporium and Dolk (Dolk Station).