Lo-chew, Cherry Tomato and Mou Mou

Three new dolls have been released by 2D Doll. They are 68cm Lo-chew, 41cm Cherry Tomato and 28cm Mou Mou. All of the dolls may be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow or white resin. They are sold as basic dolls with a random color pair of eyes included. An optional face-up may be added.

2D recently launched their New Year event. The company’s dolls may be purchased internationally through their authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections.

From the company:

2D Doll New Year Event (2017.12.28 – 2018.01.15): 
* 58cm – 70cm Doll: 15% off.
* 25cm – 45cm Doll: 20% off.

Lo Chew

Cherry Tomato

Mou Mou