Ringdoll News

Ringdoll has announced a special doll release for Christmas day, Xiao Pingzhang and Xiao Pingjing.

Two other dolls have been added to the company’s Facebook Page. There is a short video as well as photos.

From the company:

Share Xiao Pingzhang and Xiao Pingjing pictures with your guys.
Ringdoll will release two roles BJD of“Nirvana in Fire Ⅱ in tomorrow(25th/DEC).
Yes,tomorrow is also Christmas day!
Are you looking forward to it?
If yes, please leave a message to tell me.

Share Aooni and Akaoni shooting highlight video with your guys.Because it is cellular phone shooting,so its pixels are not good.Please understand!
They are subordinate to the series of senkai story.What happend between they and senkai?Where are they going?Please looking forward officially post!They will be released soon!