Kid Delf Humans and Centaurs

Luts has already started to post more dolls for part 2 of their Winter Event.  The BJDs will be released on December 22nd at 12:00 PM and will be available until Feb 22nd at 5:00 PM , 2018 (Korea time).

Two new Kid Delf line limited BJDs named Irus and Icarus  are shown. Each will be offered with a choice of a boy or girl body. Both may be ordered in real skin normal, white, brown, light tan and tanned. The dolls will be sold blank with an optional face-up.

Kid Delf Centaurs will also be sold. Customers will be able to select their doll’s head. The human parts may be ordered in normal, white or brown.The horse parts will be available in white with pearl blue parts or tan with gold parts. Options will include a face-up body blushing for human and/or horse parts and human lower body parts with optional blushing.