SWITCH Items Pre-order

SWITCH has opened an order period for various items including a variety of wigs and extra resin parts.  The wig styles include the Nougat Cut in sweet butter, the Sherbet Cut in champagne gold (both in sizes 8.5 and 9 inches) and the Noel Cut in sweet butter or shiny brown (size 8.5 only).

New tiptoe feet that fit the HD boy or the HD boy attractive body have been released. HO Cat ears may also be ordered.The resin parts come in a choice of normal, rosy white or mocha brown resin. The feet may be ordered blushed. The ears are sold blank only.

The order period for all of the items ends December 22nd at 10:00 Korea time. Retailer FaithZ also carries SWITCH products.


Sherbert Cut

Nougat Cut

Noel Cu in brown

Noel Cut in butter