Fairyland Winter Event

The Fairyland winter event has begun. New RealfFee Luna & Eva, and MiniFee Niella are available in limited quantities. All of the dolls may be ordered in natural, beautiful white or tan resin. MiniFee a la carte is now open.

1/4 size Niella Sorcerer is sold in a limited edition full package.19cm tall Snow Fairy Luna & Eva are sold in a limited edition full package, limited edition full option package or a basic package. They are offered as centaurs and/or humans.

The gift selection page for the event may be found HERE. The gifts re displayed on the FairyLand Blog.

Fairyland dolls may also be ordered from their authorized retailers including Denver Doll Emporium, and Dolk (Dolk Station).

From the company:

We are delighted to announce 2018 Winter Event is set to begin.

Our latest release RealFee Centaur Full Option Packages Luna and Eva will be available for sale, during event period and Centaur body will be temporarily discontinued for quality control purposes when the event ends.

Along with RealFee Centaur Full Option Packages, we are happy to introduce long awaited new MiniFee Boy body.
“Motion Line” will be our latest addition to MiniFee line and MiniFee Niella Full Package will be released in “Motion Line” body.

Event Duration: December 15th, 2017 3PM ~ February 2nd, 2018 (KST)

New Full Packages:

MiniFee (Boy) – [ Sorcerer ] Niella with Motion body + #7 hands with Flat Feet (limited to 100 sets)

RealFee (Boy) – [ Snow Fairy ] Full Option Package^ includes Luna with RealFee Boy Body + Centaur Body with Hooves and Tail in Clear Blue Skin

RealFee (Girl) – [ Snow Fairy ] Full Option Package^ includes Eva with RealFee Girl Body + Centaur Body with Hooves and Tail in Clear Violet Skin

^ Please note that Hooves and Tail for Full Packages are only available in colour of the chosen body skin colour.

^^RealFee Luna and Eva Full Packages (including both Full Option and Full Packages) are limited to 200 sets counting both Luna and Eva.

^^^ Total of 300 RealFee with Centaur Body will be available for sale during this event period.

^^^^ Total number of limited set quantity for all limited quantity packages/body does not count quantities that will be sold in Korea, Japan and China.