Mouseling Pre-order

Atelier Murinae has opened a new pre-order for Mouseling. The 10.5cm tall doll comes in light grey or white resin. Hematite bead eyes are included with purchase. An optional face-up may be requested.

From the artist:

Hello, once again I’m happy to open a preorder for Mouseling!

Mouseling is a 10.5cm anthro petdoll modeled after my own pet mice, it features 15 points of articulation including magnetic tail and fits perfectly with 1:12 scale dollhouse items.
It will be professionally casted by Haru.

The preorder runs from December 14th 2017 till January 1st 2018
Estimated shipping time is between March and April. The colors available this time are pure white and light gray.
Faceup with hand/toe blushing is also available.

Feel free to PM here or email to info@ateliermurinae.com