Luts 2017 Winter Event

The last of the Luts 2017 event dolls have appeared on their website. Winter Event information has just been released and the event begins soon. The last of the dolls, including the Tiny Delf Satyress sets with choco cookie, strawberry pink or milkshake resin horse parts and 1/3 Delf Yuu were recently added. Previous posts of other new dolls may be found HERE and HERE.

The limited edition tiny Satyresses will come with a choice from the many Tiny Delf heads available.  The human parts may be ordered in real skin normal, white or brown.two horn styles are offered. Other options include a face-up, body blushing and additional human lower body parts.

Basic Delf Yuu is sold blank in real skin normal, white, brown, light tan or tan resin. A face-up may be optionally added.

From the company:

Thank you for your visiting always.
To show our appreciation for all of our dear customers, we start 2017 WINTER EVENT soon.

Period : 14th Dec 2017 (Thu) 12:00 p.m. ~ TBD

1. FREE GIFT event

Target : Customers who order our dolls or items during the event period.
(It is applied automatically, not shown on your order list)

* Order over $137- Random free Wig
* Order over $228- Random free Shoes or free Wig (choose one)
* Order over $365- Random free wig & shoes
* Order over $728- 2017 Random Gift Pack (size can be selectable, over $100 worth)
* Order over $1637- LUTS MY CHOICE doll 1EA (Normal/White/Brown Skin only, it charges extra shipping cost)

2. Notice

* We offer only 1 event gift for the specific amount of each order.
If customer makes several event orders, applied free gift for the each order will be shipped.

* If you combine the orders, we don’t count the sum amount for event gift. The bigger amount is counted.
* Shipping fee is not included in the total amount! please be aware of that.
* Discounted dolls or set (e.g. Honey Delf Full Set series) are not counted as the total amount.
* Dolls from other companies are not included in the total amount. (BLUE FAIRY, DAYDREAM, DOLLITS, GRANADO)
* It is OK to change the free item as lower price tier’s gift.

* You can choose SIZE of gifted random Shoes / Wig (SIZE only, not color or design)
Please indicate the size in the request box when you place the order.

* If you are qualified to get the free LUTS MY CHOICE, please kindly indicate “head type, body type and skin color” of your doll in the request box, when you place the order.
* If you are qualified to get the free LUTS MY CHOICE, it could be add some extra shipping cost.

If you have further inquiry about this, please contact us through Q&A board, which is the fastest way to get answer.
Thank you very much!