MagicalMost Friendship Photo Contest

Charles’ Creature Cabinet has announced on Facebook that the company is holding a photo contest.

From CCC:

Dear Friends,

Your chance to win a free CCC BJD (Tiny) 🙂

** **

https://www.facebook.com/event s/198291550732478/

The MagicalMost Friendship Scene ~Photo Contest GIVEAWAY

**The Season of Friendship**

What can be won? Since this is mostly meant to be a
FUN-Contest: you’ll get the“Firefly Faerie-Honour”.
Your photo and name will be mentioned!
Next to this you’ll receive a Very special SURPRISE gift CCC BJD!

What do you have to do?
Photograph (naturally 🙂 and send us your picture (photo) of a
Most Magical Friendship Scene preferably in a winter and/or X-mas related setting. There needs to be at least
one CCC creature/doll in it. Make it MagicalMost!

E-mail to: firefly-ccc@hotmail.com

Good Luck to all Contestants!

This contest ends December 20, 2017

The winner will not only see her/his photo/artwork posted here,
it might also be used for CCC related public relations/merchandise.
By entering this contest you automatically agree to transfer all rights to CCC.