Wizworx In-stock Ted Sale

Liz Frost of Wizworx will be selling a very limited number of her bear dolls.  Both Ted and Tiny Ted dolls will be released. They will be available in a few hours.

From the artist:

I got them made for a bit of fun and I only have 10 Tiny Teds and 5 Big Teds. 

I will list them on my website 5th December at 10AM AEDT. Please check when that is where you live….. world clock for corresponding times…..
I will have 10 TINY Teds, 3 BIG Teds ( I have 2 more but am waiting for eyes to arrive!) and 3 Lavender Teds.
A photo for size comparison…. BIG Teds and Finn in background, Ted, Little Teds and TINY Teds in front.
Prices will be……
BIG Ted (with eyes only)
Tiny Teds (dressed with eyes)
Lavender Teds (eyes only) 

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