Pini and Pio White Full-sets

Pio and Pini are now being offered in limited edition White winter full-sets. They are only available at Nine9 Style until December 7th at 6:00 PM Korea time.

27cm tall Bebe Nine Pio with face-up A and Pini with face-up B are cast in white resin. In addition to the face-up, they will each include a pair of glass eyes, outfit and an extra pair of hands. Customers may choose the “Safari Set” in khaki or pink for their doll.

Basic white Pio and Pini may also be purchased at this time. A face-up may be optionally added.  The order period for the white resin dolls will also close December 7th.

The safari jackets shown may also be purchased separately. They will also fit Volks Yo-SD and similar size dolls.

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