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Doll Family – A’s Christmas Event has begun. Discounts and free gifts are offered with qualifying purchases.

A choice of a 12.2cm tall cat, MiaoMiao or Wuwu, are offered with 1/3 doll purchases. The cats are cast in white resin only and will come blank with optional fac-up and body blushing. A 11.6cm frog is offered with a 1/4 doll purchase. The frog comes in green only. A face-up may be optionally added.

A new 1/3 doll named Dumila has been released. He is 62cm tall and comes with a choice of body style. Dumila comes in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. An optional face-up may be be added. Doll Family – A dolls may be purchased internationally from authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections.

Event details:

Doll Family-A 2017 Christmas Event (2017.11.29 – 2018.01.25):
* Order 1/3 Size Doll: 15% off + a white MiaoMiao or WuWu as gift.
* Order 1/4 Size Doll: 15% off + a green Frog as gift.
* Order 33cm Doll: 15% off.
* Order 16cm Doll: 50% off.
* Order DF-A Pets: 50% off.
* Order Doll Body: 10% off.

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