~Pacific Northwest BJD Expo~

Pacific Northwest Ball-Jointed Doll Expo  is preparing for their 8th year. We interviewed Dorothy Drake to learn more about the background of the convention and this year’s event.


Q: Would you please give us little background for the PNW BJD Expo? How did the event come about? How long has it been running?

A: The PNW BJD Expo was born in 2010 as BJD’s were becoming an important niche market and collectors wanted more than a mainstream doll show could provide. Several other BJD exclusive events and cons were gaining in popularity throughout the world, so it seemed to be the right time to begin a 2.5 day event in the Seattle area. Internationally popular from its inception, each year has gained in status for vendors and collectors alike. In 2017, PNW took a more personal approach by introducing scheduled social times each day that revolved around show & tell discussions about porcelain, resin, and vinyl BJD’s. PNW also introduced a European Guest Artist, Dust of Dolls and scheduled a swap meet-up on the last day.

Q: Can you tell me a little about some of the people and events that attendees will have to look forward to?

A: There are several major changes to the 2018 PNW BJD Expo. The venue has been moved to the DoubleTree Hotel at the Seattle Airport. This will make getting to the show easier with free airport shuttle, train service to downtown Seattle and a central location.

The sales are has expanded to 60 tables and will be filled with artists, clothing, supplies, professional photographer and a Doll Doctor.

The convention doll is by Nikki Britt, who has created a new 12” Phoebe just for our show. Pre-order and absentee orders are available. (Absentee orders close on November 30th.)

Connie Lowe is our Guest artist this year. She has created a brand new 12” sculpt that will be available by pre-order to attendees of the show only.

Kaye Wiggs has also created a new 14” Hope. JPOP dolls will have 30 full sets of this much anticipated doll for attendees of PNW only.

Emily, the Doll Doctor is in! She can do many repairs onsite and even some more complex repairs over the 2.5 days. Reservations are suggested.
Many of the artists and vendors will have show-special treasures – something for every collector.

Contests will include some fun new categories, such as Doll Duos.
Professional photographer, Lakeida Sprenkle will be on hand to add new dimensions to the Photo Set area.

Panels and Workshops

PNW will be offering 8 workshops, 6 panels and a special meet & greet with VOLKS USA.

Masquerade Banquet

The final banquet will be a masquerade affair for both humans and the dolls featuring the contest awards and a special program on the history of BJD’s in America. Volks will participate in the program along with Lauren King and Patti Carlson.

Q: Tell me more about your theme.

A: The theme is Gatsby. I think of the novel or the movie as illustrations of one of the most interesting times in American history. The possibilities for BJD artistry are endless! Gangsters, talking films, dramatic social and political change, crazy economic growth, speak-easies, flappers, jazz age, cars and refrigerators made affordable luxuries. I also think of the British series, Downton Abbey … spectacular fashions and plenty of conversations on changing social mores.

Q: I understand that Uncanny Dreams is a part of the PNW Expo. What will Uncanny Dreams provide?

A: Uncanny Dreams will be sponsoring the diorama contest at PNW. The contest is open to all attendees. There is no size limit, but there is a space limitation. The contest is unconstrained by the show theme. Entries will be judged by an independent panel with cash prizes awarded at the Masquerade dinner. Contest registrations will be accepted through April 10, 2018

Q: What are the important dates that we need to know? (reservation dates, vender dates, etc…)

A: ~The event dates are April 26-28, 2018.
~Reservations to be a vendor or sell at the swap-meet-up are due by March 30.
~Reservations for workshops and the Volks meet-up are due by March 15.
~Attendee sign-ups for the Full Registration, Friday Only, Saturday Only and the ~Masquerade Dinner packages are available through March 30.
~Salesroom only tickets will be available at the door on Friday and Saturday, April 27 & 28.
~ Details of all activities are available pnwbjdexpo.com or by emailing staff@pnwbjdexpo.com.

Pacific Northwest Ball-Jointed Doll Expo 


Schedule of events:

4996 = face up class with Kori Butts
5046 = Social time with Dolly show & tell
5058 = roundtable discussion about fabric and pattern scale
5065 = Panel discussion on Porcelain BJD’s with Pat Lillich
5090 = contest entry, costume
5101 = contest entry – Uncanny Dreams diorama
5103 = Guest Artist, Dust of Dolls
5114 = Convention Doll by Kaye Wiggs
5137 = Vinyl doll panel
5166 = Dessert social show & tell
5232 = Den of Angels panel
5238 = Wig making workshop
5245 = playing in the sales room
5325 = cosplay contest
5338 = saying goodbye until 2018


A few photo highlights appear below.  All of the photos may be seen on the PNW BJD Expo Gallery post.

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