Season Basic MC Miu

Rosen Lied is now taking orders for new Season Basic doll Monday’s Child Miu. She is being sold as a blank doll with a random color pair of acrylic eyes, two pairs of hands and a bear doll case. An optional face-up may be added. Her wig is sold separately.  The doll will be available for 1 month only. Miu’s order period ends on December 24th.

Tuesday’s Child basic Lilac has also been released.

From the company:

[Release of new season limited basic doll]

Monday’s child Miu

Sales period: November 24th ~ December 24th

* Monday’s child Miu is season limited doll,
so after the sales period, Miu will be only available as limited fullset doll.

* Christmas event will start from December 15th. Please check!

[Release of new basic doll]

Tuesday’s child Lilac