Min Update

Migidoll has now released  Cutie 43 Min. He may in normal, white or tan skin resin.

On the first day of his release, Min will be discounted.

From the company:

As a commemoration of the launch, we will hold a 10% discount event on the first day of sale.
The 10% discount is for one day only, and is only available to customers who order from the Migidoll website (coupon redemptions apply).
You can choose a wig, eyeballs, outfits, shoes on the picture from options.

Sale Items: Cute43-Min Set
Sales Period: 10 am on November. 22 ~ 6 pm on November. 28 (Korean local time)
– (10% discount on November 22)
Sale Items: Cute43-Min head
Sales Period: 10 am on November. 29 ~ 6 pm on November. 30 (Korean local time)

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