Magdalena and Yolande

At the request of their customers, Amadiz Studio will open a short pre-order for dolls Magdalena and Yolande. A wig event will also running.

From the company:

Over the past 3 months, we received a very large number of letters requesting the release of Magdalena New re-release Yolande. We are happy and very touched by the fact that our dolls are so popular with people all over the world, but unfortunately we now have a huge number of orders and we are working on the creation of dolls only together, because we can not afford full-fledged releases with new clothes and shoes.

But very soon the time of grand sales will begin all over the world and we will also support this good tradition and within 3 days from November 24 to 26 you can order Magdalena New & Yolande on men’s and women’s bodies in any of 4 skintons with 10% discount! You can also purchase with layaway for 3 months by using the DOLL_LAYAWAY coupon.

Dolls are only available with flexible hips. You can also order ballet legs, expressive hands, sanding.

If you want to order a doll with a face-up and a body blushing, please write to our e-mail: amadizstudio@gmail.com

But that’s not all, only in these 3 days a 20% discount will apply to all our wigs. Coupon Code: BLACK
We wish you a happy Black Friday!

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.


Yolande boy and girl