Soul Doll Winter Event

Soul Doll has announced the start of their Winter Event. They will also be discontinuing the current Zenith line boy body, so they are including a last sale event.  1/6 Sweeter line heads are also on sale.  All of the dolls may be ordered in a variety of resin colors (see chart below). A face-up may be optionally added.

The winter event will begin on November 20th and end January 31st.

From the company:

Hello? This is SOULDOLL.
First, we would like to thank all of our fans for continuing to us and loving our Zenith boy body so much!
We are sorry to inform you that Zenith boy body is discontinued.
We are offering the sale of the body (15% discounted price) until 31st JAN, 2018 only.
And, to thank you our fans, we sell all zenith boy head & sweeter head separately during event period.
We hope your continued support.
Thank you.

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