Fairy Nano and Roro

Blue Fairy’s Nano Fairy is back for a very limited time in a new 3rd version.  The 5cm tall BJD is sold blank in normal skin resin. Options include a face-up, painted eyes and body blushing, wig, wings and crown.

Nano Fairy’s new friend Roro is also available. The 4.5cm tall bear is sold blank with optional face-up, painted eyes and body blushing.

From the company:

Please be informed that there will be pre-order period for Nano Fairy & Nano Fairy friend ‘Roro’, for 4 days, from 17th Nov. to 20th Nov.

Pre-order Period: from 17th NOV. AM 11:00 to 20th NOV. PM 05:00.
Lead Time: 30-60 business days from the closing day of Pre-order

You can refer to the Pre-order category.
Thank you very much for your patience and interest in this pre-order.