Esther Head

FreedomTeller has a new doll head available, 1/3 size Esther.  The head, sculpted by Korean artist JBaek, is cast in normal skin resin. An optional face-up may be added. The head is designed to fit various 62cm girl bodies.

For a limited time, FreedomTeller is holding an event:

We’re happy to inform you that we’ve made our New head.

New head ‘ESTHER (Esther)’ has been released.
We have arranged some small events for ‘ESTHER’

– Pre-order period: 2017.11.10 ~ 2017.12.20

EVENT 1. New head ‘ESTHER’ Girl faceup pre-order

‘ESTHER’ is a fraternal twin head of ‘EVERETT’ which was produced to open the eyes in half.
It was completed with girl make-up this time.
During this pre-order period, you can add faceup on the option.

EVENT 2. ‘EVERETT’ 2nd Boy faceup pre-order

This time, ‘EVERETT (Everett)’ will also proceed with a second faceup pre-order.
During this pre-order period, you can add faceup on the option.

EVENT 3. Giving a gift voucher to Twin-head

For customers who purchase both ‘EVERETT’ and ‘ESTHER’ during the event period
We will give the gift voucher (equivalent to 30 dollars) together.
This voucher can be used both online and offline.

* This event applies to both blank heads and additional faceup heads.

* Gift voucher period: until June 30, 2018 (* Available in the half of 2018 *)

* How to use Gift voucher:
If you present your gift voucher offline, you can use it just like cash.
If you would like to use it online, please take your voucher by phone and contact us on the QnA board.
We will save your points after checking your serial number and name. Please use it when you order.

* 10 blank heads can be delivered immediately.
The order will be shipped within 40 business days (business days – excluding weekends and holidays)
When you add faceup, it will need 1 ~ 2 weeks more. For more information, please refer to the detailed page.