Bambicrony BB Bella Body

Bambicrony has introduced a new body for 1/4 Brava Bambi girls.  The new “Bella” body has a more curvy and mature torso.  Customers will now have the option to purchase BB girls with a choice of Angel or Bella body or with an extra torso part so it can be switched when desired.

New basic BB Meringue and Nia are now available.  They are sold in normal or white skin resin. They come blank with an optional face-up. For a limited time Bambicrony is offering a discount on the dolls.

From the company:

Hello, This is Bambicrony =)

* Brava Bambi Renewal Event – Discount 10% OFF !!
( until ~25th. Nov. 2017 )



Angel (left) and Bella bodies


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