Delores and Pepper

Delores and Pepper are new 1/4 dolls from EchoTown.  They are available internationally through Stacy’s Pink Ocean . Two previously released girls, Aya and Ygritte, have been re-styled. The body for the girls has been improved with a more flexible hip joint, new knee joint and a neck joint.

43.5cm tall Ygritte, Aya, Delores and Pepper come in normal skin resin. The blank basic dolls will include heel feet and a pair of glass eyes. A face-up and body blushing may be optionally added.

A free gift will be included with purchases of the dolls made before December 25th.

From SPO:

Order before Dec.25: you can get a SPO Qipao(Random) with the doll .If you order more than one girl,every girl can get a Qipao.









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