Fuzzy Kitty for 1/4 and 1/8 Dolls

Nine9 Style is now taking orders for Fuzzy Kitty Sets in new sizes for 1/4 (approximately 42cm size) and 1/8 (Lati Yellow size) dolls. The sets come in Lemon or Pink. They are only available until November 7th. Each outfit will come with a cat cape, one-piece dress, drawers, cat tail decoration and socks.

The 1/6 size Fuzzy Kitty sets will be sold until December 31st.  (They may be seen HERE on BJDcollectasy.) The outfit can be worn by the company’s Bebe 9 girls and similar size dolls. A 1/3 version will be sold for a short time in December.


Lemon Kitty on 1/4 girl

Pink Kitty on Lati size girl