Moon Constellation Combo

Due to requests by collectors, Circus Kane Dolls is now offering Moon once again in a very limited edition. The  37.5cm tall doll may be purchased alone or with 15cm tall Nancy Luna. The listing for both dolls may be found HERE.

From the artist Nefer Kane:

The success of Nancy Luna, reminded some of you about the big Moon doll, that can be seen on one of the pictures of the gallery; I received a lot of demands for Moon, but unfortunately I only had two extra Moons left in the corner of my doll room which sold out within a day. It really bugged me to say no therefore bring some frustration to you. It was a big problem for me and even made me feel guilty for I owe to each of you, my collectors, so much. When I got bugged till the point I haven’t slept one night, I contacted my factory and made a decision.

I have decided to list here a very limited edition of 25 big Moons in White glow in the dark and Lagoona blue. You can adopt her alone just like Nancy Luna or as a Constellation Combo with a Nancy Luna. The constellation two moon’s dolls combo will have a discount! But be quick cause there will be only 25 big moons listed in this event! Of course those of you who already ordered their Nancy Luna are totally eligible for the constellation combo and its discount. All you have to do is ordering a moon and deduct the 80$ in your payments if you use layaway payment method, or I’ll simply refund you the amount right away if you choose to pay in full.

All the details are in the edited listing of Nancy Luna, but if you have the slightest question, for I know this is not really the rule to change a preorder right after it launched; please feel free to email me!
Also contact me if you have an issue with the colors I proposed for Big Moon, some things can be worked out.