Player One Final Pre-order

A second and final pre-order is currently open for a 1/3 doll head called Player One, created by American artist Batchix.

From Resin Rose:

Player One, sculpted by the peerless Batcix, was created as a limited run for Resin Rose BJD Expo in the summer of 2017. Having run out of the original batch before the show, we planned a second pre-order. That second order is about to close, set for November 11th, and it will not come again.

Player one works well on SD bodies with medium to large necks and somewhat broad shoulders. Player One is a versatile sculpt that can work for both male and female characters depending on how it is painted and styled. Appropriate eye sizes will depend on the eye maker, anything from 16MM up to 20MM will fit but the 18-20mm range seems to work best with lower domes allowing for a better fit.
Player one works best on necks in the 9-10cm range but smaller circumference necks will work as well.
Player One details-
Wig Size: 8/9
Head width (from ear tip to ear tip): 9.5cm
Eye size: 16mm to 20mm
Min/Max neck dimensions: 8CM to 10CM
Suggested Body: 60-65
Follow this link to learn more and access the pre-order forms.