In-Stock Flash Sale

Charles’ Creature Cabinet is holding a flash sale event right now for a very limited number of in-stock dolls. A new doll named Tuptim has also been unveiled. He will be released soon.

Dear Friends,


Happy Candy Halloween Sweets Event 2017

We’re thrilled to hereby offer super limited in stock numbers of

Batty Boo Fudge Tan Glow Yellow only 2LE
Sir Truffles Pigglesby Beige Tan only 1 in stock left

Aggie & Augie trolls Choco Dark Tan only 2LE each
Ulla & Ugo baby trolls Choco Dark Tan only 1 of each in stock left
Bee WithMe Licorice black resin only 2LE

First come, first serve! Please send us an e-mail if interested in any of the above.
In stock dolls will be shipped after order is made and full payment has been received.

Happily introducing: TUPTIM lil potbellie 6cm Tiny/Micro BJD…..Coming Soon!