~My Mialypso~

I was so pleased with my cat doll Brioche by Nympheas Dolls, how could I resist a catfish like Mialypso?


Mine is a special one too, painted by the artist k6 for me. (A previous feature on BJDcollectasy about Brioche may be found HERE.) Brioche is now being offered in a new smaller “mini” size by the company in limited edition colors.  While Mialypso is not being sold now, the artist will have some at the convention Doll Rendez-vous in December, and a new version of her in snow skin with an ice tail will be released in 2018.

My Mialypso is cast in suntan brown color with matching translucent tail and crown. The ears and the crown are both removable. The tail is fully jointed and there are tiny fins at the “hips” that are attached with elastic that can be flipped or rotated.

Here are both of my Nympheas kitties together.

Both dolls have heads with faceplates, but while Brioche has 3 others besides the one shown, Mialypso only has one face. But the one face is everything a siren-cat should be with her sloe-eyes and aloof expression.  The eyeballs shown in the doll are a matching bronze-tan color acrylic and they came installed in my doll. Mialypso also has attached lashes with a bit of shimmer paint on them.


Mialypso is approximately 10 inches (25.5cm) long.  Having no legs means she sits, lounges or stretches out. She has tiny human-like hands instead of paws, and a human torso, so she is really a cat-fish-human. My doll is fully painted and looks lovely as-is, but I might consider adding some jewelry and a little skirt in the future.

One little ornament is already included, of course, Mialypso’s crown. It is circular and the magnet is at the back.

The mermaid tail is very flexible and can bend well. The shimmery painting is especially nice on the tail as it brings out the carfully applied scales on the surface.

For cat loving collectors I can’t recommend either of these dolls highly enough. They are unique and truely capture a bit of the “je ne sais quoi” of cats.


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