Girl’s Day Sets

Sadol is offering limited edition Girl’s Day outfits. The sets come in two colors, pink and brown,  and consist of a headband, jacket, dress, petticoat, underpants and knee socks. The outfits come in 1/3 and 1/4 sizes.

From the company:

Hello this is Sadol,
We are back with [Girl’s Day] outfit for ladies!

These outfit sets will be limited until supply lasts, so grab them quickly!!

Comes in two colors, and size available in SD and MSD!

The chest area is made with spandex material so it’s stretchy.

Production Size

1/3 – 58~63cm SD girl, DD Free size
-SD9,SD13girl, luts DF SDF girl, DD-S M L DY
-LOVE60, SD16girl, Honey63, dollsoom Super Gem

1/4 – 0~43cm MSD girl, MDD Free size
-sadol Cutie40, VS MSD MDD girl
-luts model DF kid DF girl

1/3 size:

1/4 size:

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